The Selfie Scavenger Hunt

Do your kids love taking selfies? Mine do, even if the photos usually just give a great view of their brains via their nostrils… Whenever we go out, my boys are always asking to take pictures. It’s one of the main reasons I created the OKC Selfie Scavenger Hunt! Since we know it’s not easy having to stay away from friends and family during this pandemic we’re living through, we came up with another way to help you feel close! Grab your selfie-loving kids, gas up the car, and head out on this Selfie Scavenger Hunt! It’s fun and easy and you can do it whether you live 3 or 3,000 miles from your besties.

How does the Selfie Scavenger Hunt work?

Drop your e-mail in the box below to get a free printable copy of the scavenger hunt and send your friends a link to this post so they can get it too. Print your copy and head out to start taking photos! Text them to your friends to give them a tour of town through your family’s eyes. You can even share them on social media to encourage your other friends to join in the socially-distant fun! We created this to work in most cities across the country, so you should have a pretty easy time finding some awesome selfie spots. Even if you live in the same town, it will be neat to see what you each choose as your landmarks. Make sure you tag me (@MomOnTheMotherRoad) so I can see all the fun you’re having too!

Selfie Scavenger Hunt

Going on a vacation?

Take the printable with you! This is a great way to explore a new town!

And don’t forget to check out the post I wrote about the OKC Selfie Scavenger Hunt with OKC-specific icons!


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