The Best Family Photo Locations Around OKC

I love taking photos of my family. Whether it’s just with my phone or with my “real” camera, it’s a fun and easy way to make memories and get some great keepsakes in the process. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite family photo locations around OKC, whether you’re taking the pictures yourself or meeting a photographer! Remember, you don’t need a special occasion to take photos of your family – it’s a great way to spend a weekend afternoon if you’ve got nothing else planned! If you need a little more inspiration for some fun places to snap photos, make sure you check out the OKC Selfie Scavenger Hunt!

Myriad Gardens

Best Family Photo Locations Around OKC - Myriad Gardens

Spring, summer, and even fall in Myriad Gardens make for the perfect times to get some gorgeous greenery in your shot. The views of the skyline here are also fantastic, so make sure you take advantage of those unique angles!


Best Family Photo Locations Around OKC - Guthrie, OK

If you’re taking photos in the winter months, Guthrie is a particularly great place to do it. No greenery, no problem! The town is so picturesque that there are plenty of places to snap a cool shot of your family!

Will Rogers Gardens

Best Family Photo Locations Around OKC - Will Rogers Gardens

These gardens are gorgeous year-round. Even though the greenery disappears in the winter, there are sculptures and water features, and plenty of other cool backdrops for your photos.

Plaza Walls

Best Family Photo Locations Around OKC - Plaza Walls

These ever-changing walls in the Plaza District are the perfect colorful spot for your family photos no matter what time of year it is. They’re cheerful and there’s no doubt your kids will love exploring the area while you’re there.

Skydance Bridge

Best Family Photo Locations Around OKC - Skydance Bridge

This modern sculpture over I-40 will make for some really cool, Instagram-worthy shots. It’s an informal and fun place to take a stroll with your family and totally worth a visit to get some pictures you’ll love for years to come.


Best Family Photo Locations Around OKC - Bricktown

If you’re looking for something that’s essential OKC, this is it. There are some wonderful backdrops for your photos in Bricktown if you know where to look. Take a stroll along the canal and snap some shots in front of the mosaics at the ball park.

Family Photo Tips

  • You don’t need a special occasion or fancy equipment to take pictures of your family. Just get out there and do it!
  • Look for other people taking pictures… and then do it better! You can often find a cooler angle or a better hidden spot to take pictures even in a popular location. Don’t be standard, be creative!
  • If you’re just out to have fun, don’t worry about what your family is wearing. Save the coordinated outfits for the more formal shoots.
  • Go for candid shots! Regardless of the age of your kids, you’ll probably get some really fantastic pictures when you don’t ask them to pose a certain way. Just snap away and you’ll get something you love!

I hope you’ll visit all of these places and take some photos you’ll love. I’ll update this post regularly as I find other places to add, so come back the next time you need an idea for the best family photo locations around OKC! If you’ve got some ideas for places I didn’t mention, let me know in the comments so I can visit them too!

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  1. I love the candid shots. When your family is comfortable, their smiles are more natural. PS, I am a little partial to these particular models. Don’t forget to give Dad the camera now and then, we need pics of you, too!


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