Road Trip: A Guide to Miami for Families

Miami is a city known for its nightlife and beaches, so is it really possible to go there with a family and still have a great time? Jon and I have gone to Miami at least once a year since we’ve been together and even though our trips look a little different with Graham in tow they’re still so much fun! Here’s my guide to doing Miami as a family!

Miami - Wynwood me and Graham

We started our adventure on a Friday after Jon got home from work. 4 hours in the car actually went by really quickly! After we checked in to our hotel (which we booked with our usual favorite method and got an awesome place – the Intercontinental at Doral!) and freshened up, we drove over to an area called Wynwood where we had an amazing tapas-style dinner. This is perfect for families to share and allows for the less-adventurous eaters to taste things before they commit to ordering a plate for themselves.

Miami - food

It’s definitely an area that’s in transition and you have to drive through some rough areas to get there, but it’s well worth it. Wynwood has been revitalized by small businesses willing to take a chance on a formerly tough neighborhood. The most noticeable way that the neighborhood is changing is through the artwork that literally surrounds you. Artists have created murals all over every wall in the neighborhood and it’s amazing to see! We all loved the vibrant colors!

Miami - Wynwood 3

If you go, make sure you take a walk through the “Wynwood Walls” which is a sort of art garden with some beautiful pieces. There are even a couple of indoor galleries for artists to display their work.

Miami - Wynwood 6
Miami - Wynwood 7

After our visit to Wynwood, we headed back to the hotel to get some rest for the next day when we went to the beach!

South Beach gets the reputation for the crazy nightlife and string bikinis, but it’s actually got lots of families around during the day. Plus the water is calm and absolutely stunning! Perfect for little ones who like to wear goggles to see what’s swimming around beneath the surface.

Miami - Congress

South Beach is also famous for its Art Deco architecture, which is worth a trip to the coast even if you don’t go in the water.

Miami - Carlisles at beach

I did get stung by a jellyfish for the first time (no, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be and NO I didn’t pee on it), but it was well worth the pain to enjoy the beach with these two dudes!

Miami - baseball 1
Miami - bobbleheads

After we got cleaned up from the beach, we went to see the Reds play the Marlins. This is SO much fun for families and the ballpark is very nice and clean. There are always great seats available, so I highly recommend taking in a game, even if you’re not a fan of either team. An extra bonus: the roof is usually closed in the summer so it’s not hot for you or the little ones! There’s also plenty to walk around and see if the kids start to get restless, like the Bobblehead Museum!

Miami - baseball 3

On Sunday we made our way over to the bay to take a boat tour. It was a really cool way to see more of Miami and the homes of the millionaires who vacation there! Graham loved being on a boat and looking into the water. It was an awesome way to spend a couple hours in the morning.

Miami - skyline

The best part of the whole weekend is that we didn’t have to take off any time from work to make it happen! Those in-state road trips are the best!

Have you taken your kids to Miami? Tell me what you thought about it in the comments!

A Guide to Miami for Families

15 thoughts on “Road Trip: A Guide to Miami for Families”

    • Thanks, Erica! I loved all the murals. There were too many to include them all in this post, but it’s definitely worth a visit!!

  1. It looks like y’all had so much fun! You’re always so good at adventuring and finding fun things to do that everyone in your family can enjoy.

  2. Miami looks so fun and beautiful! I’ve yet to travel there with kids, can’t wait to visit one day. Sorry about the jelly fish incident, hope you feel better. πŸ™‚

    • It’s definitely a great place to take families, even if it doesn’t have that reputation. I’m all better from the jellyfish, but surprisingly I still have a few “scar” lines on my leg! They don’t hurt at all, but I didn’t expect them to last so long!

    • Thank you! It’s kind of fun that Miami has both the partying side and the family side – something for everyone! πŸ™‚

    • It was SO good! We’ll definitely be heading back to the same neighborhood on our next trip for some amazing food!

  3. We visited FL last year and I SO wish we would have spent some time in Miami. We had a pretty tight schedule between Tampa and then the Keys so we never stopped, but I’d love to some day!


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