OKC Selfie Scavenger Hunt

Y’all, I’m SO excited for this one! We’ve always loved driving around town, finding fun places to check out. Combine that love of local adventures with our kids’ love of having their pictures taken and The OKC Selfie Scavenger Hunt was born! If you’re not in Oklahoma, check out my Selfie Scavenger Hunt that can be done in any city across the country!

You can tackle this in one day or spread it out over the course of a few weekends. Whatever pace you choose, you’ll have plenty of fun taking your best selfies with this list! If you want a free printable version of the list, just sign up for my newsletter in the box below and you’ll get your very own copy!

OKC Selfie Scavenger Hunt

Our Favorite OKC Sights!

We made sure to include our favorite locations in and around OKC on the scavenger hunt checklist. Places like…

Murals at Plaza Walls in OKC
The Plaza District
Selfie at Skydance Bridge in OKC
And Route 66!

Selfie Tips

It’s not always easy to take a good selfie. Case in point…

But there are a few things you can do to ensure you get a shot that’s Instagram-worthy!

  • Skip the selfie stick. Your arms might be short, but are you really going to want to carry that thing around with you while you’re exploring?
  • If you’re taking photos with kids, don’t tell anyone to smile until you’re absolutely ready to snap that shot! Why? You’ll probably need a second to frame the shot (especially if you’re trying to fit the whole crew) and it’s often the freshest smiles that are the best. Even easier? Go for candid or action shots so your little wiggle worms can just keep doing their thing!
  • Consider the lighting (clearly I didn’t do that in the picture above). If you’re looking into the sun, it’s going to be a squinty mess. Try to find even, indirect light or shade for your pictures if you can.
  • Don’t stand right up against what you intend to be your backdrop. Your photo will look way better if there’s some distance.
  • Have fun with it! You don’t need everyone to look perfect. It’s alright if you forgot to take your sunglasses off or your 3-year-old is giving some serious side-eye to the camera. You’ll still have some awesome memories at the end of the day.

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