Metro Library Love: The Benefits You Might Not Know Existed!

Growing up, I loved going to the library. I have magical memories of going with my sister and mom for story time and staying for hours afterward to read. When I became a mom, I knew I wanted to make memories at the library with my children too. I also had no idea how much more the library has to offer now than it did 30-something years ago! There are so many resources, events, and activities available at our wonderful Metro Library branches that have enriched our lives so much. In case you’re intimidated by the library or even think it might be boring for your kids, let me show you why it deserves your time!

Activities and Crafts for Kids

Are you a crafty mom? I want to be, but… I just don’t feel like I have the time! This is where Metro Library comes in clutch. Every month, several branches have crafts (complete with all the necessary supplies) available for pickup! Just stop by the checkout desk and they’ll give them to you. We’ve made cute Valentine’s Day projects, Pride Flags, and more thanks to the library. The best part? I didn’t have to plan or prep for it! Total win!

Free Streaming Services

Have you cut the cable yet? We did a while back and it’s saved us so much money. One of the awesome features of the library is that they have tons of movies and TV shows available to watch through a streaming app called Hoopla. All included for free with your library card!


The Libby app has been one of the easiest ways for me to enjoy reading since my kids came along. Audiobooks are a game changer for busy parents (listen while you cook dinner or watch the kids at the playground!). Give them a try if you haven’t yet!

Adult Classes, Activities, and Peace!

Do you need time without your kids? This is a silly question. The answer for all of us is “Oh my goodness, yes please!!” The library can offer you that sweet, sweet getaway you’re craving as well. There are events every month at every branch for adults. You can learn a new skill, discuss a great book, or just browse the shelves on your own for an hour of actual peace and quiet.

Oh, and did you know that you can get a library card for your family even if you don’t live in Oklahoma County? It’s just $70 a year for the entire family and well worth it. We’ve done this for two years now and will continue as long as we live here!

Our Favorite Metro Library Branches

We love being “library tourists” and checking out all of the branches, so I’ve done some legwork here for you too. Here are the Metro Library branches we love most!

The Ronald J. Norick Downtown Library has a massive children’s section and super fun decorations. There are often fun little scavenger hunts the librarians leave out to make your visit even more fun! The children’s area is also separate from the rest of the library, so you don’t have to be as worried if your kids are like mine and don’t whisper well.

The Ralph Ellison Library is cozy and has a surprisingly big children’s section for its size. There are lots of tables and chairs to read and the librarians are very friendly. We went because we heard about their Black History Month Scavenger Hunt and have enjoyed every visit since!

The Del City Library has a separate room for the children’s section, which we love for the noise factor. The shelves are all low and there are huge windows letting in lots of natural light. My favorite feature of this library as a mom is that there are “Family Stations” with a computer for adults and a play yard attached for babies! Genius!

The Bethany Library is our go-to branch. It’s got a great children’s section with lots of seating and some fun toys. We also love that it’s next to Bethany All-Abilities Park so we can have a full morning outing!

Whether you’re being a library tourist like us or going to your favorite tried-and-true branch, I hope you’ll get to enjoy some time there again soon! Your kids (and you!) will love it! Tell me about your favorite branch in the comments!

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