The Best Disney Tips: How To Go Like A Pro

Since we’re Passholders, we go to Disney a lot. People-watching is one of the most fun things to do, but I’m always so disappointed when I see people wasting their time at the parks. Whether you’re a newbie or you go to the Mouse House regularly, make sure you’re making the most of your time there with our best Disney tips!

Getting to the Parks

How to do Disney Like a Pro | Mom Explores Orlando

Know when to go. The least crowded day of the week is Tuesday, but that doesn’t work for everyone’s schedule. So if you’re going on a weekend, shoot for Sunday morning and you’ll likely have your run of the place. As far as time of year, if it’s a school vacation season (summer, spring break, Christmas, etc.) it’s probably going to mean busier parks, so you’ll want to plan accordingly.

Park smart. You don’t have control over what spot you go to, but when you’re going to the gate to pay for parking/show your Magic Band you’ll want to be at the farthest gate available. Everyone gets in long lines in the middle gates and the outside gates usually have much shorter lines.

Don’t ride the tram and don’t worry about preferred parking. You’re going to be walking ALL. DAY. LONG. Just hoof it to the gate (or the TTC, if you’re going to the Magic Kingdom) and you might even beat the tram. Preferred parking really doesn’t make that big of a difference in your distance from the park.

Saving Money

Bring your own snacks. It’s way easier, and cheaper, to bring some granola bars and bottled water than it is to purchase them on site and Disney has no problem with you bringing your own food in (just don’t try to lug an entire Igloo cooler and you should be good).

Trade pins for souvenirs. Most Cast Members have pins on a lanyard that they will trade with you if you ask. These pins are provided to them at no cost just to trade with guests, so take advantage of that! Buy a few cheap pins that you don’t care much about and trade up for something you like better. It’s fun to talk to the Cast Members and you’ll get a cool souvenir out of it as well.

Managing Your Time

Don’t wait out the parades or the fireworks. There’s no need to claim a spot on a curb hours before the parade begins. You should be able to stand a couple people deep and still be able to see it, especially if you’re toward the end of the parade route (marked on the park maps). You can also see the fireworks in the Magic Kingdom from Fantasyland without having to wait for a spot in front of the castle!

Don’t get in a line that’s over an hour long. There’s always a better way to do it, whether it’s Fast Passes, going on a less crowded day, etc. Save yourself the time and the frustration.

Saving Your Sanity

A Hidden Oasis at the Magic Kingdom | Mom Explores Orlando

Find the quiet places in the parks when they’re busy to give yourself a few minutes to just regroup. The Magic Kingdom in particular has several of these. My favorites are a big top tent in Fantasyland and Tom Sawyer Island. Epcot also has some great quiet spots that are quiet even during the busy Flower and Garden Festival, the Food and Wine Festival, and the Festival of the Arts!

Find things to do that don’t have a line. Pin trading, finding hidden Mickeys, etc. These are fun and they don’t cost much at all!

Cut through the shops. If you’re on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom or Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood Studios all the shops connect. You can walk in the air conditioning while you avoid having your ankles run over by strollers!

Know what to bring. You can definitely pack light when you go to the parks if you know what to take with you. Check out my Disney Day Essentials post for what I always have.

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What are your favorite tips for going to Disney? Share them with me in the comments!

How to do Disney Like a Pro | Mom Explores Orlando

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