How to Blend in With the Locals While Traveling

Here in O-Town, we love our tourists. They help boost our economy and they mean we don’t have to pay a state income tax (can I get a hallelujah?). But, often times, you can pick out a tourist from a mile away. I’ve found this to be the case when we travel as well! Here are a few ways to blend in better with the locals when you travel! If you’re not sure how to get started with traveling, here’s how to become a mom who explores!

Eat Something New

I know you like Olive Garden, but you have one at home and the wait at the ones in the tourist district will be horrendous. Do yourself a favor and try something different. If you’re coming to Orlando, try the Ravenous Pig, Hawkers, or Hunger Street Tacos. They’re guaranteed delicious and you can’t get them anywhere else!

Plan Ahead (but not too much)

SO many tourists book their days solid, whether they’re visiting theme parks or going on some other adventure, only to end up in the 3:00 slump with screaming toddlers and hungry parents. You won’t see everything in your week-long vacation. Trust me.

Nap at the Magic Kingdom | Mom Explores Orlando
Prioritize your activities and then go take a nap. You need one.

Just Run The Toll

No, really. If you’re visiting Central Florida, our toll booths are set up so that there are lanes for paying off to the right of the main lanes that are for people with E-Pass/Sun Pass. Rental cars have the E-Pass option (take it). And if you do miss one (or even two) you’re not going to be hauled off to jail. So many cars try to make last minute adjustments to go through the payment lanes and, let me tell you folks, it doesn’t always end well. If you’re trying to blend in with the locals, just run the toll and make sure you pay attention for the next one… There’s always a next one.

Don’t Spend Your Entire Vacation in the Tourist District

Take a day and go downtown, or visit Winter Park, or go to Bok Tower, or do anything from my list of 100 things to do in Central Florida. You’ll be glad you got away from the hustle and bustle and it’s a fun way to see where the locals go for fun (when we’re not also at the theme parks).

What else would you add to these suggestions?

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    • Thanks, Emily! Haha, I’m sure you do just fine! Even I feel like that sometimes and I’ve lived in the tourist mecca of the east coast my whole life!


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