Fenced Parks Around OKC

Playgrounds are synonymous with childhood. As parents, we want to take our kids to the most fun playgrounds in our town because of the joy we get to see on their faces. But it can be difficult sometimes to know which playgrounds will fit your family’s needs! I’ve reviewed many playgrounds as part of the OKC Park Crawl, but I also had a request to know where there are fenced parks around OKC. I reached out to my Instagram followers, and got some great suggestions for playgrounds and splash pads with fences! I’ll keep updating this post as I find more, so if a fence is an important playground feature for your family go ahead and bookmark this post!

Brittany’s Play Adventure

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This playground and splash pad in Mustang are connected, but each component is fenced! My kids loved the farm theme of the playground, and the splash pad is nice and big with several shaded picnic tables. Highly recommend!

Ruby Grant Park

This playground in Norman opened just a few years ago and has a complete chain-link fence around it. It looks like there are a few nice shade structures built in as well! We’ll be visiting it soon.

Piedmont Community Park

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This playground is huge and the whole thing is fenced. There’s even an additional dividing fence between the areas for the younger kids and the older kids. We love the splash pad too, but it’s not fenced. Here’s more about Piedmont Community Park!

Andrews Park

Andrews Park in Norman has a lot to offer, with a splash pad, playground, and even an amphitheater! The splash pad is completely fenced and so is the playground!

Duffner Splash Pad

When I put out the call for recommendations of fenced parks around OKC, Duffner Splash Pad came up multiple times, so I know it must be worth a visit! It has some great shaded picnic tables in the splash pad area as well as a nice grassy area. We can’t wait to check this one out!

Do you know of another fenced playground or splash pad that we should add to this list? Leave me a comment below or reach out on social media and I’ll get it added!

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