Exploring Route 66 Park in OKC

We love exploring the Mother Road (clearly! It’s in the name of my blog!) any chance we get. One of the first playgrounds we visited here in OKC was Route 66 Park. There are some really great features of this park that make it one to add to your list. If you’re looking for some other great parks around the OKC metro, check out the OKC Park Crawl!

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Route 66 Park has a huge playground with all sorts of areas to explore for kids of all ages.

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There are fun climbing areas, swings on both ends of the playground, and it’s got plenty of places for the grown ups to hang out while the kids play.

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The built-in piano was a big hit with Delta!

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We also really enjoyed the fun theming of this park! There are some great nods to vintage Route 66 attractions in Oklahoma.

#OKC #OKCParkCrawl #OKCKids #OKCThingsToDo #Oklahoma #VisitOK #TravelOK

One thing I do want to mention about this park is that even though the equipment itself is in fine condition, the playground could really use some love. I wish the city would spend a little money to repair some of the play surfaces and paint.

The Basics

  • Route 66 Park is located at 9901 NW 23rd St, Yukon, OK 73099.
  • There is plenty of parking right in front of the playground.
  • There are no restrooms at this park, only port-a-potties. Plan accordingly!

What We Love

  • The entire playground is ADA accessible!
  • There’s a good variety of slides, far more than at your average playground.
  • On the sidewalk around the park, you’ll find a walkable version of Route 66 with landmarks and dates labeled!

Pro Tips

  • This playground is located on Lake Overholser and it gets very windy. I don’t recommend it on a cold day.
  • Be sure to bring plenty of sunscreen – there is no shade at this playground!

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