Exploring Little River Park in Moore, OK

We love a good park. One of the easiest ways to get out and explore is to find a park you’ve never been to and visit! No planning or preparation required! We recently went out looking for a new park and boy did we find an awesome one. The kids are already begging to go back! Little River Park is huge and has some of the most epic playgrounds we’ve ever seen. Here’s all you need to know about the park, our favorite parts, and tips for visiting! If you’re looking for some other great parks around the OKC metro, check out the OKC Park Crawl!

I found this park just by searching on the maps app on my phone. When I saw a picture of the pirate ship themed playground, I knew my kids were going to be all in. We were not disappointed. We also had no idea just how great it would end up being. More about that in a minute!

#OKC #MooreOK #Playgrounds #TomStrouhalPark #PirateShipPlayground

One of the coolest things about this playground is that it has scavenger hunts built in. My kids were so excited to find each of the symbols hidden on the playground equipment. Side note: If anyone finds the elephant, let us know! It was the only one we couldn’t find!

#OKC #MooreOK #Playgrounds #TomStrouhalPark #PirateShipPlayground
#OKC #MooreOK #Playgrounds #TomStrouhalPark #PirateShipPlayground

After we played for about an hour on the playground near the north entrance, we went to the park restrooms and noticed that it looked like there was another huge playground on the other end of the park. We decided to walk over and wow… we were so glad we did!

The playground on the south end of the park is even bigger and better than the one at the north end!

#OKC #MooreOK #Playgrounds #TomStrouhalPark #PirateShipPlayground
#OKC #MooreOK #Playgrounds #TomStrouhalPark #PirateShipPlayground

There are climbing structures, crazy mast-like things that spin around, an awesome ropes course, slides of all sizes, and even a “plank” the kids can walk. My kids could easily spend hours on this playground.

#OKC #MooreOK #Playgrounds #TomStrouhalPark #PirateShipPlayground
#OKC #MooreOK #Playgrounds #TomStrouhalPark #PirateShipPlayground

The Basics

  • Parking for Little River Park is located at 700 SW 4th St. and 709 SW 10th St, Moore, OK 73160.
  • The park is open year-round from 6 AM to 10 PM. More info about park amenities can be found on the Moore Parks and Rec website.
  • There are large open grassy spaces between the playgrounds, so you can bring a ball or other sports equipment and let the kids run around!
  • There are bathrooms, but be aware that they’re seriously no-frills: stainless steel toilets with no seats and barely functional sinks. Bring some hand sani instead.

What We Loved

  • The theming is SO well done. Not only did the pirate ships have treasure hunts, they also had portholes, cannons, and treasure maps built in. Such an immersive experience.
  • There was equipment for all ages. Regardless of how old or young your kids are, they will definitely find something fun to do.
  • The park was destroyed by the May 20, 2013 tornado that wrecked Moore. The community came together to rebuild it and make this park a beautiful place for all ages to gather again.
  • If you happen to be in the area on a nice day without your kids, there’s even something for you! An entire covered exercise area near the playground on the south end!
  • There’s an epic splash pad as well, so we’ll definitely be heading back to check it out this summer!
#OKC #MooreOK #Playgrounds #TomStrouhalPark #PirateShipPlayground

Pro Tips

  • It’s about a .5 mile walk from one playground to the other, so I highly recommend bringing a stroller for younger kids. We made the walk without one, but I definitely had to carry Delta for some of the walk back to our car.
  • Go on a weekday or early/late on a weekend if you can. There’s no way this park doesn’t get busy on a weekend day!

If you haven’t been to this amazing park, make a plan to get out there soon! You will not be disappointed! And if you’re looking for some more fun to have in the OKC metro, check out my OKC Selfie Scavenger Hunt or my list of 5 easy last-minute adventures around OKC!

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