Exploring Bethany All-Abilities Park

One of our favorite Metro Library branches is in Bethany. During our first trip to the library, my kids saw an awesome playground right next door and begged to visit. Once we went to Bethany All-Abilities Park, there was no going back. They ask to play there every time we go to the library (which is almost weekly!), and they can never get enough. It’s so great that I decided to add it to our OKC Park Crawl, so check that out for our very favorite parks in the OKC metro!

Bethany All Abilities Park #OKC #OKCParks #TravelOK #OKCParkCrawl

There are several different areas of the park, making it great for kids of varying ages. And we love how brightly-colored all of the equipment is!

Bethany All Abilities Park #OKC #OKCParks #TravelOK #OKCParkCrawl

My kids enjoyed the musical instruments and the fun swings! The balance beams were also a big hit.

Bethany All Abilities Park #OKC #OKCParks #TravelOK #OKCParkCrawl

The enormous teeter-totter was such fun. I love that it can fit all three kids and me!

Bethany All Abilities Park #OKC #OKCParks #TravelOK #OKCParkCrawl

The Basics

  • Bethany All-Abilities Park is located at the corner of NW 35th St and N College Ave in Bethany, OK.
  • There is very little shade, so you may want to bring sunscreen.
  • The park has several benches and a few picnic tables available, so you could definitely pack a lunch or snack.
Bethany All Abilities Park #OKC #OKCParks #TravelOK #OKCParkCrawl

What We Love

  • This playground is named appropriately – it has equipment that can be used by people of all abilities.
  • The play surface is rubberized, so minor falls aren’t a huge deal.
  • There is a fun scavenger hunt for hidden pictures that you can find all over the playground, similar to what we did at Little River Park!
  • This park is fairly new and very well-maintained. We love that it has a fence separating the playground from the street, though it should be noted that the fence does not go all the way around the playground.
Bethany All Abilities Park #OKC #OKCParks #TravelOK #OKCParkCrawl

Pro Tips

  • There are no restrooms at Bethany All-Abilities Park, but it’s so close to the Bethany Library that you could easily walk over to use theirs (and maybe pick up a book or two!). There is also a sign that indicates you’re welcome to use the restrooms at the police station just across the street. How fun would it be to bake some cookies to take to the officers before you head to the park?!
  • This park can get very busy (for good reason!) on any given day. I would recommend going early or late to avoid the peak crowds.

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