Magic Kingdom Crowds: Even More Places to Escape!

A while back I wrote a post about a recent find, a new oasis at the Magic Kingdom. Since it’s often the most crowded park of all four at Walt Disney World, I wanted to let you know about a couple other places where you can take some time to chill and enjoy some quiet (yes, really). These are some of our favorite places to escape the Magic Kingdom crowds!

MK Tom Sawyer bridge

Tom Sawyer Island

Since I was a kid, I’ve loved Tom Sawyer Island. Not many people go there and I think that’s because it’s not super well known as an attraction. The entrance is across from the Country Bear Jamboree and you have to take a little raft over to the island. It’s not open during storms, but if you’re at the Magic Kingdom on a warm day and need some shade and quiet, this is your spot!

MK Tom Sawyer canon
MK Tom Sawyer interior

The fort is a great place for kids to climb around and play. They have little dens with canons where you can spy on the people over at Thunder Mountain or on the riverboat. There are even bathrooms and a “secret” escape trail. Pro tip: use the secret trail to make it more fun when you tell the kids it’s time to leave!

One of my favorite things about Tom Sawyer’s Island is that there are caves where you can explore with your kids. They’re pretty dark, so I didn’t try to take pictures (the flash would have ruined them), but you should definitely check them out. They’re so much fun!

The Hub

MK lawn

Magic Kingdom crowds can get super big, especially on Main Street. But a recent renovation of the area between Main Street and the Castle allows lots of open, grassy space for picnics and lounging. If you’re at the Magic Kingdom on a hot day this isn’t going to be your best bet. There’s no cover (that would block the view of people watching fireworks at night), but on a cool day this is perfect!

Hope you enjoy exploring some new places!

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