An At-Home Halloween Party

Well, the big fall and winter holidays are coming up and with them are coming a lot of questions about what they’ll look like this year. With Halloween being the first up, I thought I’d share what we’re doing to have a safe and festive at-home Halloween this year! I’d also love to know what your family is planning to do, so leave a comment telling me what fun you’ve got on the calendar!

Note: For some personal health reasons, our family has been pretty careful with everything going on with this pandemic. We’re doing what’s right for us but in no way are we judging what other families choose to do. This post is being written in hopes of encouraging you to go ahead with fun this year, regardless of what that fun looks like for your family. Staying in? Great! Socially distanced trick-or-treating? Sounds awesome! After all, if there was ever a time when masks are expected, this is it! Have fun. Be safe. And plan a great evening for your kids.


There will still be costumes in our house. After all, that’s half the fun of Halloween! Fortunately for us, the boys have already decided what they want to be and it will be easy for me to make their costumes. Spoiler alert: Foster wants to be a ghost and Graham wants to be a Ghostbuster… He has no idea what a Ghostbuster is, but we’re going with it! Not sure yet what Delta will be, but I only have so many Halloweens left where I can dress her however I want, so I’m going to find something fun!

My favorite Halloween costumes we’ve done so far! Up!

Festive Foods

I love a good themed party and the food is a big part of that! This year, for our at-home Halloween, I’m going to go a little more “all out” than I normally would. Since we don’t have to worry about getting out the door for trick-or-treating by a certain time, I’ve got more time to spend on dinner. My plan? I’ll let the boys help make mummy dogs (hot dogs wrapped in crescent roll dough to look like mummies) and serve them with eyeballs (grapes). Then we’ll have witch hat cookies (peanut butter cookies with a Hershey’s kiss on top) for dessert! Of course we’ll still buy candy for trick-or-treaters, but we’ll just leave it in a bowl on the porch so we can keep our distance.


We don’t go all out for Halloween decorations, but I’ve got some ideas up my sleeve for this year. Tissue paper spiders, “stained glass” window decorations, and paper bag monsters are all in my plans. These ideas came straight from Pinterest, so if you’re looking for some inspiration you can check out my Halloween Crafts board!

Dance Party

Our kids love a dance party. Add costumes and they’re officially living their best lives. On our playlist is “Thriller,” “Superstition,” “Somebody’s Watching Me,” and “Monster Mash.” If you’re planning a party like this for your own kids, there are plenty of playlists on Spotify to choose from!

We also love the show “Super Monsters” on Netflix, so we’ll probably watch an episode of that to settle down a little after our dance party.

It’s a simple at-home Halloween, but I think with just a little effort we’ll have a great time! What are your plans this year? If you have any easy ideas for me to add to our plans I’d love if you share them in the comments!

Creating a Simple At-Home Halloween Party

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    • That sounds like a great plan! We’re just going with the “fun-sized” candies that we normally give out, but I’ve see pre-made bags of treats at Costco this year so I think lots of people will go that route too!


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