10 Beach Essentials for Families

Going to the beach has become one of our favorite activities, whether it’s for a rocket launch or just to relax and hang out at the best beach in Central Florida. On a recent trip to the beach I was inspired to share some of our beach essentials – some of these go back to when I was a kid and some I’ve recently discovered as awesome tools to make our day even better.

10 Beach Essentials for Families

#1: A good beach blanket. Nothing too thin since the sand will likely be hot. I like this one:
#2: Inexpensive but good quality beach toys. Have you ever seen those parents at the beach who freak out when their kid is playing with a toy in the water and it floats away? Or when the bucket is being used as a shovel and they don’t want it to break? I have and I’m pretty sure they just spent too much on their kid’s toys. Here are some inexpensive but decent quality toys that will hold up for a while:

#3: Baby powder! This is a lifesaver at the end of the day. Sprinkle some in your hand and use it to wipe away the sand that inevitably sticks to you! It makes the ride home so much more comfortable (and you’ll smell just a tiny bit better).

#4: Hats for the family. You’ll want to keep the sun off your face, but I would advise against a large floppy hat since it will likely get caught by the wind. Opt for a ball cap or a hat with a tie to keep it in place.

#5: Sunscreen. I like the Neutrogena sunscreen because it’s really effective, has a high SPF, and it doesn’t feel as thick and gross as other brands I’ve tried.

#6: Plastic grocery bags (or gallon ziplock bags) for wet bathing suits and clothes at the end of the day.

#7: Snacks. Our favorites are fruit and veggies, especially on a hot day. If you’ll be there for lunch, a Publix sub is a must.

#8 Water. Lots of water.

#9: A change of clothes for the kids (and clean diapers if they’re not yet potty trained).

#10: A beach tent. Somewhere to get out of the sun is always great and with a tent you won’t have to move around as the sun changes throughout the day.

What are your must-have items to take to the beach? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

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