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About me

I’m a Florida native and to a certain degree that makes me a perpetual tourist by birth. As our family grew, we took an opportunity to move to OKC and now we live on the Mother Road (Route 66). It’s probably the biggest adventure of my life so far and I want to take you along with me!

I wrote an Orlando-based blog called Mom Explores Orlando for four years before moving to Oklahoma and found that it allowed me to not only be creative and have a reason to explore, but it also brought me so much joy. I even brought some of my most popular Orlando and Disney-themed posts with me to my new blog, so you can check them out if you’re planning a visit! I love that with blogging I get to encourage other families to try new things and get out of their comfort zones to make the most amazing memories. I hope that you’ll join me as I continue to explore life, motherhood, and this beautiful country!

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